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Bts Father Au TumblrHe calls out, immediately pulling you into a hug, not caring if the food you were making burns or not. Anonymous asked: Could you please do a reverse idol au where the Reader is an idol and they are her sasaeng fans and they finally get to see & talk to her at a fanmeet (also she calls them cute and accidentally brushes her hand against theirs if that's okay) for Taehyung, Jin and Yoongi please. yoongi gets worried because you’re sick. synopsis: you were living a simple life filled with simple dreams; combining your two most loved things in life, children and teaching, you were starting out your career as a teacher at the local pre-school. A/N This is an update to my master list on everything I’ve done and Remember I take requests (Writing Prompt) So don’t be shy to request ♡ and I also have a schedule to say when I post. Gabby — Namjoon’s tweet on Mari’s birthday (180816). BTS As Dads ~ BTS Headcanon. BTS Smut, Reactions, And More — A Bad Boy’s Love. 17: blueberry cheesecake] pairings: art teacher!taehyung x mom!reader x producer!jungkook genre: bts parenting au, sm au, crack humor, fluff, angst a/n: I’m trying to. Part: One, Two, Three, Four, Five. We are getting pretty darn close to the end of the story here. Group/Member: BTS/Namjoon Words: 217 Genre: fluff Summary: Namjoon meets an interesting fan at a fansign. Still Want You [Jin x Reader] 2. Non-idol!Jungkook x Reader angst, fluff, non-idol!au 760 words. Youngjae crawls to Taehyung giving. jimin jungkook taehyung team 6. A mafia AU where you are Jungkooks boss. Sam settles her chin upon her palm, a dreamy expression clouding her eyes. Jin's eyes would go wide as he looked at you. #yoongi #bts social media au #min yoongi x reader #yoongi x reader #acceptance #bts min yoongi #yoongi social media au #bts dad au #min yoongi x y/n #min yoongi x you #min yoongi social media au #bts x you #bts social au #bts smau More you might like. BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS MASTERLIST My name is A(r)my, and although my requests are CLOSED, my inbox is always open if you want to talk. so the origin story for these nerds is that they too, like got7, were in high school and needed easy money. BTS - (Imagine Requests Open) (S) - Smut. Summary: Minho and Felix both want to get a cat to have in the dorm. joined the fandom in 2k13 and stayed ever since. The crackled spark of pyro and electro, swirling together to create overloaded fireworks; a treat for the eyes and ears. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE TIMES AND NAMES!. The Min family thinks everything can be solved with money, the Jeon. ↳ fluff, mild angst | idolverse | 3. The beautiful choirs of the morning birds woke the sleepy individuals spread about the living room. Estrella ~ BTS fantasy!au pairing: jin x reader, jimin x reader genre: fantasy!au, fluff, angst, slight smut word count: 3. 🍇 steve: the only sane one in the group, alexa’s bestie, in love with himself (its obvious), the only helpful one, evb loves him. #bts #bts army #bts au #bts scenarios #bts imagines #bangtan #bangtan boys #bts rap monster #bts namjoon #bts jin #bts jungkook #bts jimin #bts. “ Summary: You make an important discovery and what you choose do to with this dangerous knowledge could ruin your friendship forever. #kim taehyung #v #bts #bangtan #sugar daddy!au #r #anon #the vibe of this song is A+ #not sure if this matches it tho oops c-bjk-27 liked this btsandarmyalways liked this. EXPECTING (THE UNEXPECTED) WITH BTS. and it turned into…a long thing because i can’t drabble, my requests have been one shots in disguise, i am sorry anon T. #bts #bts au #bts imagines #bts scenarios #bts reactions #kim namjoon #kim seokjin #min yoongi #jung hoseok #park jimin #kim taehyung #jeon jeongguk #bts rm #bts jin #bts suga. we're so lovely, lovely, lovely. and it turned into…a long thing because i can't drabble, my requests have been one shots in disguise, i am sorry anon T. BTS Reaction:They pick their child up only to see them crying (Hyung Line) Jungkook - Favorite Child PT 1. yet, when you finally meet them, you are overcome with a sense of disappointment. Jungkook hasn’t confirmed yet if he was going to make it to the cinema. Thinking of going to the water park with Dad, he said he was so excited. BTS x Reader Reaction: You Have Cold Hands. Genre: Yandere, dark themes, angst, ghost au! Summary: “A shadow that won’t go away, even in the dark - what is that part of you called Persona showing?” Warnings: Yandere behavior, obsession, many scares, implied murder (suffocation), ghost/spirit!Taehyung, anxiety problems, use of sleeping pills, self-injury, blood, naming …. who would’ve thought that would be the reason jung hoseok would find his concert girl, too. They make a very impulsive decision to show a loophole in BTS's security and end up kidnapping BTS and 2 girls. Guidelines for Requesting • Schedule • Mobile Masterlist • Rant Blog • 18+ Blog • BTS Social Media AU Blog • Fic Rec Blog • Wattpad • AO3. Hoseok & BTS Drabbles — BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Jungkook. he told you, approaching you after the other teachers returned to their students. Genre – Alice In Borderland AU, Smut, S2L, Angst, Horror Comedy, Dystopian World AU. #bts social media au #bts x reader #bts scenarios #bts jin #bts yoongi #bts hoseok #bts namjoon #bts jimin #bts taehyung #bts jungkook #bts masterlist #bts fluff #bts dad au #bts smau #bts smau masterlist More you might like. Post-Performance; Jealousy; It’s a Date - You spend a relaxing evening with Namjoon playing your favorite game. Soft! Yandere! BTS Makane Line [Soulmate AU] Warning: As this post contains yandere themes, the characters display behaviors that can be uncomfortable to read. For more BTS Au: See more posts like this on Tumblr. Whether it be sheer laziness or simply a lack of inspiration, I believe it’s better to leave it as is. Park Jimin is a responsible, smart, handsome and musically talented Taekwondo black belt. Unfortunately things don't turn out the way they thought it would. What's your favourite colour? black ♡ (like my soul) pink ♡ (I also love fat fluffy unicorns ^-^) white ♡ (im pure like the oxygen you're breathing -3-) green ♡ (when I go to the park I take a selfie with the …. Her voice piercing my ears as always. These shoes suggests that it is a boy. Sneak Peak: “I knew I was handsome, but now I’m just hot. Her mother’s side of the family helped her father take care of her, and she grew up being close to her cousins Beer, Bank, BamBam, and Baby. »Warning: teenage angst au ~ mature language x sexual content x drug/alcohol use »Words: 5. Anonymous asked: Babysitter!tae Dad!Yoongi :)))) — au where taehyung is a babysitter for yoongi's child — - taehyung is 19 and works random jobs - yoongi is 24 with a 3 year old daughter - taehyung thinks yoongi is such a dilf and flushes anytime yoongi makes eye contact with him. 0) summary: alone and left in a mansion with nothing but your canvases and the dust slowly collecting on the window sills - a commission and a call from a childhood friend completely changes your life genre: hybrid au, deer!seokjin, black panther!yoongi, wolf!namjoon, great dane!hoseok, calico cat!jimin, tiger!taehyung, bunny!jungkook. Parts: one | two | three | four | end Group: BTS Pairing: J-HOPE X READER Summary: Do you end up going to the sea with Hoseok? Genre: fluff, mermaid au Length: 1. just keep the right vibe, yeah. About: Y/N finds out the whole story of what she has become and who those around her are. If you are sensitive to such topics, I advise you read with care. Genre: fluff, angst, superhero au. bts masterlist bts react bts reactions v bts v bts kim taehyung kim taehyung taehyung bts taehyung taehyung fanfic bts royal au bts See more posts like this on Tumblr. Single Dad Jungkook x Small business owner Y/n ; Social media AU; Originally posted by sugadrop. Originally posted by hana-mori-posts. genre: fluff and… just fluff; dad!yoongi; parent!au; yes, crack!erin is back; pairing: yoongi x reader; length: 2. BTS au writer | OT7 | YoonMin | Twitter | Ask me anything | Online (Porn) Class. BTS reaction to you adopting a. If you already have an account, Log in. summary ─ “and nothing’s ever good enough… i wrote a little song for ya, it go like do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin’ done with you, girl” (blackbear, do re mi) pairing ─ idol!jungkook x idol!reader, producer!yoongi x idol!reader genre ─ sns, angst, smut warning ─ swearing, sexual content, dirty talk, derogatory/highkey offensive language, daddy kink, emotional baggage, lots …. anti-fairy-tale (jjk) - TEASER - sugar daddy au (kind of), dilf jungkook, infidelity, angst, smut, fluff (unreleased) bittersweet (jjk) - friends with benefits au, angst. Her father remarried to Chittip in 1999, when she was six years old. Those Evil Ways (Ongoing/supernatural!au, angst, fluff, smut, medical, slow burn) OT7 x Y/N (female reader) Namjoon/Corson, Jin/Agares, Yoongi/Baal, Hoseok/Alastor, Jimin/Aamon, Jungkook/Mammon, Taehyung/Gaap, human reader (with special abilities later in the story) Summary: Y/N is a third year medical student going through life like. This is the beginning to a wonderful AU I’ve been working on. Hana smiled big and spread her arms as wide as she can. hoseok scenarios: give me sunshine. A/N: Thanks to @vyduan @miscelunaaa for proofreading and general. Genre: hybrid au, mates au, angst, polyamory relationship, some a/b/o dynamics, Pairing: poly bts x reader. There’s no other choice when your dad’s. For the first time in days, the morning wasn’t a mess of gray wetness but a soothing warm lavender and brilliant gold. ️ type: social media au, rare written parts. Caramel: Namjoon likes his coffee a particular way. And you would have followed suit if he had not broken all your strict Roommate …. And it's not because of the coffee that you spilled on me either. Children of the Moon - Masterlist. Summary: BTS, ASLAN and VIPER are 3 of the most prominent and ferocious mafia gangs in the country. She held her arms so far apart, her face began to contort in pain. #bts #bangtan #bangtan sonyeondan #bts rm #rm #rap monster #rapmon #. If your dad noticed your presence, he didn’t mention it. the prince material: when taehyung was younger he was such a show off, he was always the one who loved getting fitted for suits, and loved going out to party's, he even snuck in to a party his father was hosting. Taehyung just wants him to know that he’s loved regardless. She tempts looking at her arm with a frown on her face. mafia / bodyguard au ↳ On the run from your deceased father's enemies your placed under the watchful eyes of EXO number one killer. Abo, enemies to lovers, angst, sugar daddy, rich JK or JM -- but all with top Jungkook please and thank you. Bang Pd is like a dad to her, Manager Sejin is like an Uncle, and Bts is the family she never had before Note* more updates soon bts imagines bts fic fic bts imagines bts imagine bts bts imagine bts 8th member 8th member of bts 8th member au extra member au bts extra member. This content might not be appropriate for people under 18 years old. I guess I was hoping to catch you before I went to practice but…”. “My father left behind a small property in the countryside for me. pairing: father! jimin + teacher! reader + uncles!bts. Henlo!! Thank you!! For your feedback!! It always warms my heart when people like my works so much As for uploading again ice queen is still ongoing 嵐 but idk when i will update it, cause i kinda fell outta fandom for a …. The night was filled with you joking around with your siblings/cousins/whoever, which, of course, included some teasing insults. BTS Reaction to losing a bet to their crush and having to do a dance cover with her to Hyuna’s “Lip & Hip”. Description: Hybrid!Taehyung x Reader: You’re a single mom, and your son is your entire world. I didn’t count, sinkingmyships did) and like. moonie and i really hope you enjoy the content we're gonna be putting out as much as we enjoy making it <3. — pairing: bts x reader — genre: angst, mafia!au — word count: 6. Tags: BTS DRABBLE, angst, namjoon x reader, namjoon x you, my work, request, ask, my asks, my requests, dad!bangtan, dad AU, husband AU, kim namjoon. Jimin: This poor baby would be so pouty. 348 Some definitely got tapered to his own liking because the man was no brain washed fiend to be held at his father's. UNDO IT - BTS Social media au (05/ ?. But! If you want more Sugar Daddy Yoongi, then I very much encourage you to leave any type of drabble requests in my ask box, and I will gladly write you it!! All drabbles in that AU will be, and are, under this tag. To Do List In Progress: • Being Prince!BTS’s Guard Drabble Requests are here • Wrestler!Jungkook • Athlete!BTS • Joker!Taehyung • Apocalyptic!BTS • Roommate!BTS • Spy!BTS • Presidential. Fantasy au, Member's are incubus' and yn is the maid of their home. BTS Collage/Moodboard “Descendants! AU ” Jay! Jungkook “As my father says, ‘the only way to win’ is to make sure everyone else loses!“ Jin / Suga / J-Hope / RM / Jimin / V - Admin Kath. When her father suddenly died everything changed. synopsis: you are yeosang’s little sister, adored by all his friends. At seeing the treatment of the hybrids, she unexpectedly goes home with seven, who already seem incredibly attached to her. So, the two options are to finish out the AU with different formats (Whatever I can find to use with Android) or to finish this AU in the form of a fanfiction then start a new AU with the new Social Media formats. Originally posted by jung-koook. tagged: #BTS #bts scenarios #jimin #jimin scenarios #jimin fluff #jimin angst #jimin one shot #park jimin #jimin scenario #taehyung #jackson #jungkook #jhope #hoseok #min yoongi #suga #rapmon #namjoon #jin #seokjin #bts one shots #bts fanfic #jimin au #jimin fanfic #bangtan boys #bangtan sonyeondan. life’s long so take it slow : daddy made a mistake. the trial master | the only way to get rid of a buried memory is to face your past. Y/n x Single dad Hoseok Social media AU [Fluff/Humor/Angst] [Summery: Jung Hoseok has been a single dad for about 3 years now, his life as a part time dance teacher and full time dad took most of his private life and with that also his faith of …. Next thing you know, you have a pajama set lying out on your side of the bed complete with a sleeping mask of the BTS logo, soft tee shirt with Seokjin's face on it, sweats AND shorts (for the different temperatures) with his name on the legs, and of course a pair of underwear with his name on the butt also. Prompt: "your mum is mad at me :( will you help me get on her good side again" AN: this was meant to be a drabble…. Your parents and you follow Taehyung up the steps as they watch him play with your kitten. Summary: You meet Kim Namjoon at the library during a yearlong fellowship in Seoul. All the time, you had chosen to stay in the. bts social media au bts x reader bts au bts smau jin x reader kim seokjin x reader kim seokjin x y/n kim seokjin x you jin x y/n jin x you. a! it's okay to shed the tears —. Jimin: “Jagi, I’m finally home!”. Disclaimers: None, other than I don’t own BTS - they just inspire me. Rei (main character) meets Taehyung, a horny vampire and she finds out that she is his mate. Pairings: Kim Taehyung x Reader Genre: Future, Scifi, Reincarnation, Slight Angst? Words: 6. Their daughter only having male friends. rumor has it that he was a stripper many years ago. diorggukie’s notes: hello! i am back with a taehyung fic rec. pjm & jjk ⤷ jungkook wags his tail and his eyes look like truffles. Yoongi and Jin visit a cafe to work. we also added some that we posted on our own accounts before making this blog, but we really wanted to link them here too. taehyung likes the ocean and all kinds of art and apologizes to rocks. Being bitten in a zombie apocalypse. You sat by your office desk, looking through the pile of paperwork from many of your companies, hating the fact that it was a Sunday and any other normal woman would’ve been on. * He is really good at calming everyone down. Masterlist We are all time travelers trying to re-create a feeling we once felt or a dream we once had. But when you come across each other, you both realise that you’re each others soul. it’s Hoseok’s birthday, and Yoongi has the perfect gift in mind. Achetez le design « Jungkook BTS Autorisation de danser sur scène - Séoul » par Kpop Love sur le produit suivant : Casquette. Key — ☀️ Fluff, Angst, 敖 Smut, ☄️ Favorite, Recent. Word Count: 1k [Masterlist] Some people. baby Nari, check out Home and Never Enough (lol how obvious is it that this domestic Yoongs is my. His and Tae’s personality are similar. active-masterlist "family ties " kim taehyung mature mafia au ft a lil bts - active. “you did really well, Miss Y/L/N”. You are now exposed to the new world of levels, blood, new friendships, new romance, and new danger. Summary: When reader goes to a local shelter, she plans on adopting one hybrid. father material🌸 2020 at 3:13 pm. or after Yoongi’s assistant decides to go on vacation during the busy season, Hoseok asks if you could assist his friend until she gets back. ↸ idol!AU | threesome | pwp ⇒ SUMMARY | "come to my studio, magic happens…" - All Night by BTS ft. Yixing had to remind himself that he couldn’t stop your co-worker from putting you down, couldn’t take you away from your mother and father’s harshness, or stop the way other humans walked all over you. what kind of hybrids they would be. edit: make sure y’all read A L L of the author. Jimin's one of those things, but, to Yoongi, it ends up that Jimin goes beyond than just being a prized possesion. Hi anon! Although it isn’t February or Valentine’s Day, I could not pass up this request O M G the amount of fluff this request can bring, I’m all here for I T and I have it right here so, enjoy! <3. he took your hand and kissed the back of it. - baby boy jungkook enthusiast. after a year gap and moving to. BTS Masterlist | TXT Masterlist. You’re not strong enough to turn off your side, let alone keep a good grip on your newborn, so you simply shake your head, instead reaching your fingers weakly toward him, …. Warning: just a general warning. #bts masterlist #bts social media au #btsfaketext net #bts fake text #bts fake chat #bts dad au #dad!yoongi #dad!bts #bts series #bts min yoongi #min yoongi fake text #min yoongi x y/n #min yoongi x reader #maravillamin au #daylight au #bts sm au #bts au #bts au fanfic #bts au masterlist #jeon jungkook au #park jimin au #jung hoseok au #kim. After AU — Study (Single Father!Yoongi). " At this, Hana began to jump up and down, looking up to her father. 「 bts dad au | how many kids they'll have 」 ιllιlı. Smut - [S], Fluff - [F], Angst - [A], Requested Fic - Oh, Baby - Namjoon x Reader main, Mafia AU - COMPLETE - [S] [A]. BTS reaction to a s/o who usually tells them everything that happens in their day, suddenly stops doing that one day because her family says she "talks too much" and that "it's annoying". See a recent post on Tumblr from @loo-cuz about bts-social-media-au. the father, son and holy spirit have only been like lowkey on bts' dick so i ain't know what happening with exo aslfjhasldjgg #i'm a failure to my own blog kek #the only unsexy thing about this vid is i'm calling the Po li ce #insert 'luhan i'm sorry sweetie you shouldn't have to deal with this mess' gif etc #auwhere luhan strays. [Jimin x reader; Taehyung x reader; Jungkook x reader; mentions …. Father!BTS Jin • Part Two (here) • Werewolf!Jin as a Father (here) • Father’s Day (here) • Celebrating his Child’s Birthday (here) • Taking Care of his Sick Child (here) • Halloween (here) • Relax. Warnings: Mention about murders, bullying, deception and some stalking behavior. BTS Imagine // Mafia!AU with Jungkook pairing: jungkook x reader genre: mafia!au with a twist warnings: possible mentions of weapons, drugs, murder and …. BTS Imagine// Soulmate!AU with Jin. A raspy voice greeted him after he entered the room again, shutting the door after him. Her kind, funny father, who smiles at him like the sun and is just as blinding… (Or: Jung Hoseok is the single father of the weirdest child Min Yoongi has ever met, and he thinks he might be falling in love. Each Mate will have a one-shot written from their point of view, for their one-shot they will be Reader. A @LPO_LouisArmand, nous sommes fiers de sponsoriser Beatrice, une de nos parents d'élève qui participe dans 2 jours au @Rallye_Gazelles au profit de . Their girlfriend being a translator at BigHit. A scenario where Vernon loves you very very much, but you're only best friends, so he can't say anything. He would be very upset when his bodyguards tell him that you tried to escape in that evening. masterlist | Originally posted by softjeon. bts fluff bts parent au bts established relationship au bts married au yoongi fluff suga fluff min yoongi bts yoongi yoongi x reader suga x reader yoongi x y/n suga x y/n yoongi parent au yoongi dad au yoongi married au bts x reader bts x y/n at this point I think I am the softest person I know I need to write some angst or something my senti side is showing. Hello could i please get a BTS mafia au reaction to what they would do/get for you on Valentines day. Who would ever expect for a ghost, a priestess and a grim reaper to be together - much less be rescuing others. The Return of Superman Pairing : Husband&Dad!Taehyung x Wife&Mom!Reader ft. A look into the love lives of seven men born into the glittering world of gold and privilege. Tae Sook leans on his father’s leg, lazily hugging one arm around it and rubs his eye as he notices his grandmother in the kitchen who is waving at him. Especially when you’d rather cuddle up in bed with your sugar daddy. requested by: @uglyratlmao A scenario where Joshua is super nervous about your first child's first day of school. Pairing: Hybrid BTS x Female!Reader; Human!Reader, Human!Namjoon, White Persian Cat!Seokjin, Siamese Cat!Yoongi, Border Collie!Hoseok, Calico Cat!Jimin, Australian Shepherd!Taehyung, Siberian Husky!Jungkook. -BTS!AU / Every day texts with your Vampire Boyfriend Yoongi -When your boyfriend wants to make a collab with you but you don’t think to be a good rapper yet -When they find out that their gf have to go with another idol (JB or Yugyeom) at “we got married” -When your older brother find out you’re dating Sanha from Astro -When they. When the bad boy notices you’ve taken a surprising interest in his ink, he dares you to explore every inch of his body until. A sight he missed in his excitement to see you. BTS reaction to not understanding. you’re concerned that’s all you will be- even though you are close to them- especially to jongho, who you’ve liked since highschool. #bts #bangtan #bangtan sonyeondan #bts suga #suga #agust d #min yoongi #bts yoongi #yoongi #minyoongi #bts reaction #bts imagine #bts. btw i hope my writing doesn’t confuse you, this is mainly the reader’s point of view but i also put jungkook’s thoughts …. BTS AS FATHERS: Nam Joon (RM) 📚. Taehyung and Namjoon were nowhere to be found, and Jungkook had run off. Anon Request: Dad!Bangtan with sick kids. Tags: Non-Idol!Au, Chaebol!Au, Company!Au, Arranged Marriage!Au. just a birthday fic for yugyeom!! i really liked the way. Your father, the king, had just conquered the neighbouring territory. My life will never be the same. ⇒ summary: what happens when you combine friends with benefits, an accidental pregnancy, and a certain min yoongi? he falls in love. " Summary: You make an important discovery and what you choose do to with this dangerous knowledge could ruin your friendship forever. Main Themes: slowburn-ish?, swearing, crackhead humour, angst, fluff fluff fluff🥺, smut, the idol industry, bad flirting and memes. ) ⌁ genre/rating; s2l, slow burn, soulmate au, artist au, publisher au, fluff, angst, smut, 18+ ⌁ summary; upon realizing that not all soulmates are born within the same lifetime, artist kim taehyung, tethers his soul to his canvas, painting himself into his art to …. Since, you know, he's a gentleman. ↳ genre fluff, slice of life, domestic, husband-Taehyung amen. When he opens them, an immediate smile tugs at his lips. BTS stan, multi fan and occasional writer 😎 Let’s be friends! bts fake texts bts reactions bts scenarios bts x reader bts hybrid smut bts soulmate reactions bts yoongi x reader bts sugar daddy demon bts smut kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jungkook. will feelings of petty loathing develop into something more? genre/prompt. Guidelines for Submissions — Here. Her hand places itself on your stomach and her other ghosts over her own. 1k celebration: “Hey, hey, calm down. Parts: one | two | three Group: BTS. summary: yoongi and dae return from their trip only to find you are still not feeling well. l have a lot of stairs in front of me to learn as I aspire to be a better writer. “Oppa, please don’t worry for me any longer. Originally posted by parkjmzl Hoseok found his steps hurt less …. Behind the doors to his castle lies his hidden life, with his controlling mother and his dying father. Note the a ngst, f luff, and s mut tags! (List is updated every month’s end) Heart of the storm by @ladyartemesia (f, s) - college au. These seven men were the men you loved and cherished. Strangely, tension seems to fall into the room at their grim expressions, telling you. #bts #bts v #bts rap monster #bts suga #bts jhope #bts jimin #bts jin #bangtan #bts texts I've been thinking about this au for as long as I remember 嵐 and even tho i kept telling myself it was kinda obvious what would happen next and it's still an open ending. RELEASING ON: TBD (sometime in January 2022). Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 Moodboard Masterlist ~summary: The night your life blew up sent you on a collision course with the campus bad boy, Kim Taehyung. Dad [Taehyung] Office [Jimin] Mile High Club [Jungkook] Make Out [Jimin] Roommate [Jimin] Roadhead [Jungkook] 7 minutes in heaven [Taehyung] Boss [Hoseok] Get notified when BTS SMUTS (A book of dirty one shots) is updated. When they need a cuddle, he's always there to give them a squeeze. Regina: Regina cries tears of joy, her body gently ramming into yours, smile as wide as it has ever been. Soft and warm, Jungkook’s instincts rejoice in pure sensation. “You’ll like it here,” Namjoon says, offering you a dimpled smile. And you would have followed suit if he had not broken all your strict Roommate Rules™ within the first week. They’d say goodbye to the moon and hello to the sun. Pairings: Soccer Player! Jungkook X Sports Trainer! Reader. forgetting their daughter in a supermarket dad!BTS x daughter! reader social media au! The texts are in order from Jin to Jeongguk :) X - +. Anon: Since it’s father’s day! BTS as fathers please! Thank you. leaving them? well…that's a different kind of strength. cute daddy tears』 ⇢ story masterlist ⇠ ️ pairing: idol! namjoon x uber driver! reader ️ type: social media au, rare written parts ️ genre: strangers to lovers, road trip romance, baby between friends, long distance relationship, side character ships ⚠️warnings: mentions of creepy vlive comments, not much cursing actually!. masterlist kpop bts monsta x got7 exo bts scenarios exo scenarios monsta x scenarios got7 scenarios bts smut bts angst bts fluff bts hybrid au got7 hybrid au bts imagine bts suga bts yoongi bts rm bts namjoon bts jin bts j-hope bts taehyung bts jungkook bts jimin got7 jinyoung. but when halloween night rolls around and you and min yoongi feel farther apart than ever before, you discover that what’s come between you is more than just a bad trick. Jeon Jungkook x Reader | social media au. summary: You're father had always been absent in your life and your . Their reaction to you killing yourself to escape the torture. His palace is depending on him to run the kingdom. Pairing: Jaguar!Jungkook x Reader. The crown prince had somehow escaped the monstrous influence of his father. jincherie: — pairing: Taehyung x reader — genre: cupid!au — words: 1. "Also ordered some coffee for the three of us. ↳ f2l au, college au, halloween au — fluff; comedy; angst | 8k min yoongi hates halloween. Princes don’t show up in your village at the age of 7, dressed in tattered clothing made of rough burlap bags, with tear stains. Can you recommend some single dad!bts fics. Y/N – Yes, it’s their first time alone with their father. "And I'll excuse it on the premise of being in grief, but you're a shit king, so we're perfect for each other. He hands you your dress, then steps back and removes his hoodie and trackpants, revealing a smart-looking tuxedo. BTS Reaction To Y/N asking them to get Tampons/Pads. Neri is really trying to write RN : Bon Voyage with BTS. To Love A Prince (M) Stood Up Halloween Drabbles 4 TIFU Have You (M) Jimin. ‣ a/n: This au was scrapped away in my docs bcuz I had doubts that this wouldn’t be as good with the way I am portraying it but I’m willing to give. You knocked on the door of his apartment, hearing a high pitched squeal that definitely couldn’t have come from Yoongi. Sore Loser Frustrated (M) Merry Christmas Darling Employable (M) Employable 2 (M) Suga. BTS | Like Father, Like Child Masterlist [Halloween bts rap monster bts suga bts jin bts jungkook bts jimin bts jhope bts v bts dad bts kids bts au bts marriage bts scenarios bts kid scenarios bts dad scenarios bangtan boys bts fluff bts kim namjoon bts min yoongi bts jeon jungkook bts jung hoseok bts park jimin bts. The Hills have eyes [Complete] ミ☆ Ash and Cinder [Complete/Part of the Forbidden Fables Collab] Ever since YN’s father died, she’s been trapped in her childhood home by her scheming step mother and evil step sisters. Family: Lee Byung-woo (father), Seo Yeon-ha (mother) History: Yoori is a single child and is from Gyeongsan, South Korea. ↠ seokjin x princess!reader ↠ enemies to lovers | royalty AU ↠ 2506 words ↠ warnings: minor character death, mentions of murder, mentions of arson, violence, oc injures someone, seokjin is a little mean but with good reason. Originally posted by katherine8595. Save Me- Coming soon??? x Reader, (Soulmate AU) Social media AU; Danger- Coming Soon??? x Reader (Criminal BTS AU) Magic Shop- Coming Soon??? x Reader (Magic AU) BTS ONE SHOTS// BTS REACTIONS. Bottom!Yoongi x BTS SmutShots by DancingSkys. #bts #bts jungkook #bts jimin #bts namjoon #bts social media au #bts fanfic #bts fanfiction #bts x reader #bts fake texts #bts texts #mark my words #bts sm au #bts sm #bts social media #bts x you More you might like. has a little girl who is most definitely Daddy's Little Princess™ wears tiaras and tutus at her tea parties and OWNS IT; lets her help him w/ the simple things when he cooks; like washing the vegetables or taste testing; there won't b a day where jin hasn't made her the best lunch. 2 (Angst/ Fluff) The Side You Hide (Angst/ Fluff) BTS Reaction to You (S/O) Being Disappointed Because You Were Supposed to get Straight A's But You Got One B; What Are Friends For? EXO (OT12) Reaction to the Company Telling Them They Need to Break Up. SocialMediaAu! Where Min Yoongi recently had top surgery, was therefore …. moonie and i really hope you enjoy the content we’re gonna be putting out as much as we enjoy making it <3. A/N This is an update to my master list on everything I've done and Remember I take requests (Writing Prompt) So don't be shy to request ♡ and I also have a schedule to say when I post. What he is offended by is her father. — warnings: emotional/mental abuse, violence, character death, allusions to physical abuse. Jin Yoongi Hoseok Namjoon Jimin Taehyung Jungkook World Wide Handsome Originally posted by seokjins-wings Jin as a Dad, oh lord all the jokes his kids will have to listen to They laugh cause Jin’s windshield laughter is always funnier than the jokes All the inside jokes and little handshake he will have with his kids 曆. Lycée Louis Armand Eaubonne: Lycée Polyvalent Louis Armand. Summary: Your parents treat hybrids for their animal part, as if they were below your feet just because they have ears and a tail, along with animal instincts. BTS Collage/Moodboard Musical Movies AU Burlesque! RM “Because I looked around and realized that there wasn’t one person whose life I wanted. After AU — Daughter (Single Father!Yoongi). yandere au bts au bts au fic. She rubs your stomach before grabbing her jacket and keys to go buy a whole lot of junk food. none for the time being, just a lot of fluff! a/n. BTS, SVT, and MX — Maid For You (Part 2) Taehyung x Reader. misc: fic index misc: masterlist the stand-in bts smut namjoon smut friends to lovers!au parenthood!au single parent!au dad!namjoon namjoon scenario namjoon fanfic namjoon fluff namjoon angst rm scenario rm fanfic rm smut rm angst rm fluff namjoon x reader rm x reader bts scenario bts fanfic kpop scenario kpop writing kpop fanfic bts fluff bts. When you finally return to the drawing room, your mussed hair and pink cheeks have the business men raising their eyebrows at Jungkook. sugar daddy!au | “i’m not going anywhere #bts drabble #bts drabble masterlist #bts polyamory #bts poly #poly bts #bts ot7 x reader #bts masterlist #bts masterpost #bts drabbles #bts fluff #bts angst. #bts #jungkook #taehyung #namjoon #jin #yoongi #hoseok #jimin #q: kickin kookies with jungkook Anonymous I’ve been a hoe for anything mafia!au and soulmate!au and recently have been loving hybrid!au and single dad!au 梁 looking forward to seeing your work!. It will be nice to have a change of pace. Prince!Jungkook au Jungkook x OC (Reign) Castle by Halsey (Bc I’m Halsey trash obvs) -Admin Vav Words; 695 My father, the King of my country, sat beside my mother on the throne. AU, eventual fluff Synopsis: Being born a bastard to an unwed woman, Y/N had learned the hardships of keeping family secrets- especially once the blackness in her veins became local gossip. Jin: He’s a playful dad, he loves to have them running around the house causing chaos. After AU — Smart (Single Father!Yoongi). PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE TIMES! Teaser time ~ What do you guys think?. I always wanted to request a bts soulmate au & I found the perfect blog! XD Can I request a Kookie’s scenario then, where he’s a cop who’s suspicious & doing an investigation on a company’s CEO for being a part of the mafia, you - sassy, sexy & smart. Shadows & Wolfsbane | Chapter 7. It was what he learned since the first month he started to live with. Baby Daddy; It isn't too romantic and is funny. It was a relatively isolated villa, located where no other homes could be seen from miles around, facing the vast blue sea on one. Not quite of course! But we're getting there. bts as beautiful and rare words. -Wanting to learn his girlfriend’s language and culture …. shadowygentlemenstranger liked this. Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy… But sometimes, normal isn’t the way. But that’s okay, daddy’s going to do his best to get you every single thing on that list. One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six. 2) -When he finds out that you used to self harm. Yours and Taehyung’s fate had been linked long before you ever even met. AUs (alternate universe) involving our favorite bulletproof boys (gender neutral) Requests are closed💜. Park Jimin is Kim Taehyung’s best friend. Summary: Y/N is a rehabilitator of hybrids who have been abused or being sold for auction. bangtanarmynet castlebangtan bts bts fluff bts dad au bangtan bts namjoon bts jin bts yoongi bts hoseok bts jimin bts taehyung bts jungkook bts x wives baby sonyeondan dad bangtan namjoon fluff jimin fluff jungkook fluff yoongi fluff taehyung fluff hoseok fluff jin fluff dad namjoon dad jimin dad yoongi dad hoseok dad taehyung dad jungkook dad jin. Photograph m a s t e r l i s t ↳ pairing: park jimin x reader ࿇ genre: angst ࿇ warnings: mentions of suicide ࿇ a/n: you guys…not gonna lie i fucking cried while writing this oh my god Originally posted by jamwithbutter. Characters: Kim Taehyung | V, Park Jimin (BTS) Additional Tags: Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, porn blog au, Butt Plugs, Anal Sex, Light Hair Tugging, Light Spanking, Groping, light pet play, Top!Jimin, Bottom!Taehyung, camboy au, sort of, I don’t know, Nipple Play. Genre | Single Father!Jin, Cafe Owner!reader, Unrequited Love!au, Angst, Future Smut Summary | Ever since the day he walked through the front door of your cafe hand in hand with his sweet daughter on one gloomy afternoon in the middle of winter, he had captured your heart without him even knowing it. “you have always looked forward to meeting your idols - bts. #bts texts #bts imagines #bts reactions #bts scenarios #bts fake texts #yoongi imagines #min yoongi #myg #trulybts. [Pan - shelves full of books in. A/N: When I wrote this I had in mind that you’re scared not because you don’t want to but because it could get dangerous for the child in the future and such, seeing as his father is a mafia boss. These fics are also linked on the main BTS Masterlist, but this links to the hub to. Bts reaction to disciplining their child. 8k »A/N: So I wrote ¾ of this story over a year ago and just got back to it to finish, so sorry if its a little messy lol. Series: Part 1 of @parkta3hyung. This blog is in no way affiliated with bts, it's members and bighit entertainment. On tour, he carries a keyring of them in his pocket to keep his family with him. WC : 8K+ WARNINGS: Inappropriate language, explicit smut (18+), violence, guns, descriptions and mentions of dead bodies, threats and implications of sexual assault, yandere themes etc. Star was born in Bangkok to a Thai mother and Swiss Father. BTS Fanfictions — Jealousy I A Yoonmin Oneshot. “Come here,” Taehyung says, reaching out for Youngjae. Y/n, feeling responsible, decides it’s her personal mission to make sure he survives the ordeal. Sharing with the rest who usually go through archives for fic reading recommendations (though if you prefer going through archive or tags, that’s fine too!. Verse - AU, Verse YC Genre - Incest Smut (Half Brothers), Slight angst Word Count - 2172 Pairing - Yoonmin (Yoongi!Jimin) Spoilers (sex type + content type) - Link Intro - Waves rocked memories of Jimin's soft skin, supple lips, firm shape, through Yoongi's thoughts. They’d play and play until the sky turned dusky shades of rose and camomile. Brother!Jimin x Reader, Mermaid!Jimin, Angel!Yoongi. BTS | Like Father, Like Child Masterlist [Halloween bts bts rap monster bts suga bts jin bts jungkook bts jimin bts jhope bts v bts dad bts kids bts au bts marriage bts scenarios bts kid scenarios bts dad scenarios bangtan boys bts fluff bts kim namjoon bts min yoongi bts jeon jungkook bts jung hoseok bts park jimin bts. Soft and warm, Jungkook's instincts rejoice in pure sensation. What else to read from us ( Wattpad) (RJ describing the story in an unserious way) Admin SIC: Blood Lust, a vampire! Taehyung fanfic. “‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. Genre: Yet another Arranged Marriage/Mafia AU. This in, no way, reflects their real personalities. It’s an illegal thing to do, but she feels strongly that this is the …. The doors to the meeting hall slam open as you walk right in with a grave expression resting on your face. Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie Jin: would rush to you and ask if you were okay Yoongi: would either ignore you or look. ️ pairing: idol! namjoon x uber driver! reader. 4k ~gang!au, mafia!au, college!au, angst, fluff, action, strangers to lovers. if you would like to see a certain member/au, request by giving the number + which member/au you would like! i will take requests until all slots are filled. He would start explaining to you that no harm will ever come your way. Tags: BTS, BTS Drabble, Bangtan, Dad!Bangtan, Sick Kids, husband AU, dad AU, seokjin x you, yoongi x you, hoseok x you, namjoon x you, jimin x you, taehyung x you, jungkook x you. "we gotta go!" he cries, running down the hall with you. Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin. Nocturne — Mark My Words Part Fifteen. or, a 100 ways for yoongi to say he loves you. Your father had just passed away while on a drug raid. Drabbles • Moodboards • MTLs • Outfits • Reactions • Scenarios • Series • Ships (Written & Kink) • Texts. Kuroo pauses, a bitter chuckle traveling through the phone. Having a complicated relationship- if you could even call it that- with the head boy of Gryffindor proves to be pretty fucking tough when you happen to be the head girl. × genre and warnings :: husband!yoongi + wife!reader, married au, parents au, fluff, mentions of min holly []. BTS x reader social media au | in which Y/N is a dance major, dance instructor at Hope Studio and flatmate of notoriously adorable fuckboy Park Jimin; and she just can’t seem to stay out of trouble when it comes to her circle of friends. Warnings: I don’t even know, if you …. #bts hybrid au #Mated Love is Never Easy #hybrid bts #bts rm #bts suga #bts jungkook #bts jimin #bts v #bts jin #bts jhope #bts fluff #bts angst #bts smut #hoseok hybrid #hybrid namjoon #hybrid suga #hybrid jungkook #hybrid jimin #hybrid v #hybrid jin #bts #bangtan sonyeondan #. You met his parents who absolutely hated you, they would never see you as the girl who got their son loves, but as a girl who would never reach up to their standards. each au connects so read all of them LOL #ot7 it’s listed in the order you should read them! all headers were made by my sister @tan-dulset and she helped me with the plot/ideas too :3 ***** FAQ ***** Yoongi → title: daddy diaries. Today had been overwhelming to say the least. Your boyfriend’s pretty girl best friend isn’t your biggest fan and keeps hogging up your alone time with him. What are your favorite BTS Jimin fan fictions?. "loft 26" park jimin ft bts mature au- (updated the series as of may 2019, original post date nov,2018 ie my first "big project. high quality boyfriend 🏷: @amoreguk @kirbykook @randomkoalablog @hhhhwww7 @ask-blogger-miss-prussia @bidisaster1307 @tae165 @incredibleella @vensulove @hera19 @its-notasunset. each au connects so read all of them LOL #ot7 it's listed in the order you should read them! all headers were made by my sister @tan-dulset and she helped me with the plot/ideas too :3 ***** FAQ ***** Yoongi → title: daddy diaries. I would like a got7 yugyeom hybrid au please. The decorations which he had put on the night before together with his little child and the baby’s mother are now glowing under the sunlight. UNDO IT - BTS Social media au (19/ ??. BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Yoongi. BTS Social Media Fic Rec Masterlist. Genre: Angst,comfort, Mafia AU, Hybrid AU. ♛ Part Of Your World - Little Mermaid AU -. Jeongin, Changbin, and Jisung don’t really care, they just want a pet. Hoseok & BTS Drabbles — BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with. Hearing you sing for the first time. — genre: angst, fluff, mafia!au, gangsters!bts, rich!reader — word count: 7. Before BTS Sou would write from time to time, but not much. pairing: father! jimin + teacher! reader + uncles!bts genre: fluff, angst + parent! au + olf! au word count: 1. 4k → Summary: Break-ups aren't easy - you knew this way too well, however this was a break-up that was much harder to shake off then a normal one, all because of one little reason… → Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 The brightness of the white room irritates. BTS members as fathers in The Return of Superman show. navigation masterlist ateez dad au sunghoon imagines ateez poly au ateez fluff wooyoung fluff kim hongjoong yugyeom fluff txt reactions txt imagine beomgyu fluff aespa itzy kpop au smau kpop smau bts bts fluff bts angst bts x reader bts x you bts scenarios bts drabble stray kids beomgyu yeonjun taehyun nayeon ryujin. request: Could you please do a bts reaction to their partner having a sugar daddy?Thank youuu author’s note: wish I had one honestly, even though now I have lots of money. miyu has a huge fanbase in japan. genre: fluff, angst + parent! au + olf! au. Knowing he wanted to be like his father—Draco attempted to be just as abusive. #yoongi #bts social media au #min yoongi x reader #yoongi x reader #acceptance #bts min yoongi #yoongi social media au #bts dad au #min yoongi x y/n #min yoongi x you #bts x you #bts x y/n More you might like. But now everything is threatened as darkness surges from the horizon. their s/o is a book worm/really smart. “Werewolves cannot survive on their own, they need a pack, I left for a year to find a pack, I hunted down two werewolves, they were sticking together, an alpha and an omega, their Salutary was away, disappeared and they were trying to hunt him down. His father had fallen in love and captured her, which was a common practice in his shoal; his mother hadn’t loved his father at first, but she gradually became as infatuated with him as he was with her. Genre: Hybrid!AU; Fluff; Angst. Btw, the child is of yours and the member and the child is no older than 10. ” Genre: smut, royalty au Length: 1. A Dream That Flies Away by mylittlesunandstars. bangtan's girl — Masterlist smut 🔞 / angst 🌧 / fluff 💘. BTS bully!au Suga x Reader one shot | 0,8k words. They’d fall asleep on the dewy grass with faces covered in soot and ash. • He meets you when he wanders away from his shoal, wanting a breather from the mating proposals he has stacked up. jimin drinks blood out of juice boxes and bendy straws and tries to wink but ends up blinking both his eyes closed. And, like any good fiction, it follows a theme of serendipitous happening, and tentacles. about me! i’m 26, born oct 5! i live and was born in arkansas, but i’ve moved around the US most of my life! i’m an actor and sometimes i cosplay and make youtube videos about gaming or music! i’ve been on this website for a decade. Angels & Devils — BTS Collage/Moodboard Descendants! AU. But I realize I’m a man who lives fiercely. but the matriarch family aren’t usually appreciated. Competitive husband/father Jungkook; See more posts like this on Tumblr. It's the day where BTS is no longer idols for a day but ordinary people, yep, which means no dispatch, no dance rehearsals, practice-nothing! It's a BTS field day. GENRE - Fluff, Idol au, BTS 8th member au. Like Father, Like Son | Sehun You spend a relaxing day with your husband and son. [warning] mommy kink, pegging, bulging, lingerie, kitten/kitty kink, spitting (lots of it), brief master kink, brief petplay, degrading, ass play, cock ring, handjob, blowjob (f receiving), mention of a safeword, rich!reader x goth!femboy!camboy!taeyong, camboy au (ft. Jin Ae catches a glimpse at the syringe before nuzzling her head against Seok Jin’s arm. BTS as dads based on their MBTI. #bts social media au #min yoongi x reader #yoongi x reader #acceptance #bts min yoongi #yoongi social media au #bts dad au #min yoongi x y/n #min yoongi x you #yoongi dad au …. Jungkook rubbed his back and hugged him tighter. Author's Note - He must be very fond of music or is a musician artist. so yeah before all of this, just remembered tae has an irl pic of this one! doesn't it look like their toy store interaction when she came to hug him because he got her 'tata mic'. He’d probably groan but I’m not sure about him moaning. Anon Request: One of the members has a baby born prematurely, and he visits the baby every day, until they get to come home for Christmas. RapMonster x Reader Genre : Fluff Word Count : 3335. life's long so take it slow : daddy made a mistake. The Unsaid Vow (Prologue) Synopsis- You always knew when you weren’t wanted. hot boy summer (Collab Series) ot7 | pwp, smut, fluff, college!au. He held onto your hands tightly, to reassure you, “1, 2, 3 pushhh” he screamed, by the time he repeated this around 20 times, you had given birth, the ambulance finally arrived, you and your baby was rushed to the hospital, you woke up hours later, to the smell of babies, you opened your eyes, the first thing you saw was your baby girl, you. A part of that is the fact I am. They showed you good people did exist. Bang Chan isn’t sure about either idea as he doesn’t see them having the time to take care of a pet. (The first part is strictly fluff and can be a standalone for those not interested in angst. At least not until you met his six equally depraved “friends. a/n —i just wanted to get something out seeing as i haven’t posted in a week and i feel bad about it! inspiration just hasn’t struck me, and i apologize!!. lovefool (jjk) - drabbles - boyfriend au, angst, smut, fluff - 1 - 2. She grew up living next door to San. Originally posted by nafaltadoamor. You would never imagined that he was a prince. really filthy smut and some soft angst at the end). you'll be seeing more works of poly fics, a relationship consisting of more than one partner ♡. What BTS gets you for Valentine’s Day (Mafia AU). (Here is the NCT and Stray Kids masterlist. just keep the right vibe, yeah — daddy diaries. bts bts series BTS suga bts scenarios bts scenario bts seokjin BTS jimin BTS jin BTS jungkook bts jeongguk bts jhope BTS au bts angst bts angst!au BTS v bts taehyung bts texts bts kookie bts min yoongi bts min suga bts masterlist bts mafia au bts mafia!au bts hoseok bts hyung line bts hobi bts hybrid au deadendct1 208 notes Oct 6, 2018. Father: Prince Yi Gyeong of Korea (이경 (A/N this is just an AU for those who don't follow me and apparently don't know how to read tags) bts bts au bts imagines bts scenarios red velvet 6th member kim seokjin kim namjoon min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jeongguk bts rm bts jin bts suga bts jhope bts jimin bts v bts. Summary: Three extremely powerful families with enough power to bring down entire governments, all with vastly different views on how things should be run. It’s another family night at the Kim household. father🖍 kindergarten teacher! jin x single mom! reader jin asks about the kids' father. the panic in hoseok's voice, and the incessant beeping of the smoke alarm, has you clambering out of bed, somehow having the good sense to grab your phone before slipping on your slippers, almost colliding with hoseok when you open your front door to run out of your apartment. In all seriousness little!MC would. bts bangtan bangtan boys dad!bangtan bangtan seonyandan bulletproof boy scouts beyond the scene bts drabble magicshopnet request ask drabble fluff fic fanfiction bts reactions bts scenarios bts reaction bts scenario bts imagines bts text bts text post bts as dads husband au dad au wedding anniversary park jimin jimin x you jimin x reader. yandere au bts au bts au fic hoseok au yandere bts. ot7 | angst, smut, fluff, chaebol!au. ↳ the courtship chronicles (post-script) — marriage au — fluff. He’d help you get everything you needed, and when the boys would pick on you because of your tiny height, he’d get defensive and tell them off. He's not particularly offended; she is, after all, four. Synopsis: Imagine being stuck in a quaint and cozy log cabin during a winter storm with these seven men for the weekend. Plot: Single father!Yoongi and college student!reader's relationship Word Count: 731 A/N: so this is another series I really wanted to do, werewolf!Jin will still be going on don't worry about that but I'm just really loving the sound of a father!BTS series, especially with yoon so I decided to start this, I have no idea if I'm gonna stick to the whole college student!reader thing or. a/n: hope you enjoyed this <3 i had to refrain myself from using daddy too much i swear this mind of. BTS MASTERLIST ~ Main Masterlist ~ Reactions: Their girlfriend being a drummer, a dancer & a rapper in a girl group A really tall foreigner asking them for directions Their girlfriend eating junk food at night when she’s on a diet Mafia AU When their fiancee runs away Their smaller and younger S/O protecting them Their son getting sick. a/n: hehe, who else has a soft spot for bts dad aus 🥺 this will start right after the htfab series :3. just wanted to thank the most special human being— @singguks — for making me this wonderful header and sending me 15 minutes audios to help me write taehyung,, ෆ moodboard. bts x reader bts aus bts fantasy au bts imagines ot7 x reader ot7 x yn bangtan sonyeondan kim namjoon kim seokjin min yoongi jung hoseok park jimin kim taehyung jeon jeongguk 51 notes Jan 20th, 2022 Open in app. ♡ first date : you eventually ended up meeting Jungkook at the beach. ⚠ violence, blood, murder, divorce, age gap relationship | ♠ serial killer au, police au, parents au, neighbor au While your personal life seems to be crumbling with a divorce process and a child who can't accept the sudden absence of her father, in your professional life you're looking forward to be promoted from Lieuntenant to Captain in. The swift rock of their flow, back and forth, tugged him into the rush of. has a little girl who is most definitely Daddy’s Little Princess™ wears tiaras and tutus at her tea parties and OWNS IT; lets her help him w/ the simple things when he cooks; like washing the vegetables or taste testing; there won’t b a day where jin hasn’t made her the best lunch. BTS Reaction to you (gf) tripping over air This was requested by an anonymous user. But the morning that I told you and Dad about him and my job, we had decided that we wanted to start dating. Please let me know what you think so far! Calm my nerves pls, I'm losing my mind, I'm so anxious. Part 1 - Class projects can be fun, depending on who you get stuck with. bts bts drabble bangtan bangtan boys dad!bangtan bangtan seonyandan magicshopnet beyond the scene bts imagines bts reactions anon request anon ask dad au bts as dads bts fanfction fanfiction fluff bts text bts text post husband au kim seokjin jin bts seokjin seokjin seokjin x reader seokjin x you kim seokjin x you kim seokjin x reader dad!jin. BTS wants to help you study (for school). well write how they’re meant to act in the story. 5k previous / masterlist / next Chapter 1 The silk beneath your fingers. The time when your small family of 3 had just moved to a new house, one that was built by your father who was an expert carpenter and had always fantasized of living in a house built with his own hard fought labor. And that’s how they became the mom and dad of the camp. the two of you hung out and talked while your fingers played with the sand by your feet. I honestly would do everything to not be able to hear Jin eating with his mouth open. Genre: Poly!AU; Werewolf!AU; Shapeshifter!AU; Fluff; Angst. They make a very impulsive decision to show a loophole in BTS’s security and end up kidnapping BTS and 2 girls. In no man’s land, surrounded by a sea of dead bodies on either side, both your men and the men of your enemy, you can clearly see the folly of endless warring. you don’t know if they want to take you out the date way. Levels to Eternity- vampire au, Your whole life your parents protected you from the dangerous world of vampire’s but one day your boyfriend kidnaps you and you wake up in an abandoned building with a thirst for blood. cry me a river | the gentle heart. BTS Imagine // Royalty!AU with Yoongi Min Yoongi summary: The destiny of two star-crossed lovers. Hoe-lidays- (one shot) Jungkook × reader (exes to lovers au, idol au, sex club themed. #bts #bangtan sonyeondan #bts imagines #bangtan #. pairing: art teacher!taehyung x mom!reader x producer!jungkook type: bts parenting au, sm au, crack, fluff, and angst summary: when picking up your son from school with your best friend in order to go to lunch, you meet your son’s art teacher as he posed as a model for your son’s painting, though you’re not looking for anyone that …. 5k A/N: @heartkook i love you and am so proud of you making it through your first day back at school. I’m not sure if he’d be loud though. is a sunshine but somehow gets bad press, however, his fanbase is very dedicated. V (Taehyung) Taehyung really loved your animals even though this was his second time over, so when your parents opened the door and he was greeted by your cats he totally just tanned up to her. (fluff) Grass: Platonic Yoongi x Seokjin. I hope you guys come to love it and enjoy the story!. [Tilt - toys on the floor/ child plates/ tiny shoes] And the father of a young child. For the one-shots that they appear in but aren't the reader, they will have a name. Needy Kim Taehyung | V, Top!Jungkook, Bottom!Taehyung, baby boy taehyung, daddy jungkook, Non Idol AU, Alternate Universe - Canon, BoyxBoy. Summary – [You barely survived the first game but you need to participate in another one because if you don’t, your three-day visa will expire. au when they’re rich and their crush/significant other get them to experience the lives of the non-rich. Also this possibly could be a series but not sure yet. momma-said-that-it-was-oke liked this. * He naturally has caring motherly instincts but they just come out full force when he is around any of his younger pack members. Genre: crack, DadYoongi!AU, BadCop!AU. Her hair was in a ponytail, a bow securing it, wearing a unicorn onesie. After AU — Father!Yoongi's Birthday. Summary: Hoseok and Jimin have been best friends for years, and when Hoseok gets bored at Namjoon’s party, he invites Jimin over to his house. Scenario: He was in one of his super hyper moods. You Came For Me (You Stayed For Us) by kuragecharms – Jin is a single dad and he and Jungkook are both college students. His mood was down, and as much as he tried to hide it your mum the ever dotting mother. ” Hearing his pleas, a crack forms from his feet to the opposite wall and the ground caves in, forming a staircase down to the gates of the underworld guarded by the three-headed dog he …. if you can tag my tumblr or twitter if you use an idea because i’d love to see what you guys can do with them!. the bow and the pretty clothes😭 crying, shaking, throwing up rn. 방탄소년단 | BTS MASTERLIST ⎡navi⎦⎡masterlist 2⎦ ⎡more links below⎦ [ M ] Mature [ A ] Angst [ F ] Fluff [ GC ] Group chat [ D ] Drabble most recently posted for bts: 03/26/20: Except for our Wedding ; 04/01/20: The Last Scene ; 04/01/20: Incompetent ; 04/07/20: Together forever ; masterlist 2 has all my written works and reactions! due to tumblr only letting us have certain. You’re Not a Monster Vampire au. She adjusted the big load of books in her hands before continuing down the street.